Volunteer Grants - Successful Organisations

Legal Name Provider Name Location Provider / Activity Postcode Total Funding Organisation Description
Richmond Tennis Club Incorporated Richmond Tennis Club Incorporated RICHMOND 4822 $5,000.00 The Richmond Tennis Club provides local residents with opportunities to lead a healthy and active lifestyle through participation in recreational and competitive tennis. Volunteers organise tournaments and work with players to advance their personal development. The Club is a focal point in the local community, offering residents from many cultural and socio-economic backgrounds a positive venue for recreational activity and social interaction.
Richmond Valley Council Evans Head Recreational Hall Management Committee EVANS HEAD 2473 $1,188.00 Evans Head Recreational Hall Management Committee manages the local community hall in Evans Head which many community organisations can access. Volunteers assist with a variety of community hall activities such as dance groups for children, fitness classes for all ages, and a craft group for seniors. The Hall enables a large cross section of the community to participate in health and cultural activities, building strong social networks.
Richmond Valley Swim Club Incorporated Richmond Valley Swim Club Incorporated EVANS HEAD 2473 $1,000.00 The Richmond Valley Swim Club is a community-based sporting organisation that aims to promote the benefits of swimming and encourage active and healthy lifestyles. Volunteers coordinate competitions that cater for participants of all ages and abilities, and ensure a safe and supportive environment in which swimmers can develop physically and socially. The Club encourages community participation and provides regular social contact for participants and their families, supporting a cohesive and welcoming sporting atmosphere.
RichmondPRA RichmondPRA TAREE 2430 $1,190.00 RichmondPRA is dedicated to supporting individuals affected by mental illness, their families and carers. Volunteers deliver a wide range of psychosocial rehabilitation services, advocate on behalf of patients and promote social inclusion by organising regular artistic activities. The organisation reaches out to community members of all ages, offering a valuable network of support and an inclusive environment for personal development.
Riddells Creek Neighbourhood House Incorporated Riddells Creek Neighbourhood House Incorporated RIDDELLS CREEK 3431 $2,006.95 Riddells Creek Neighbourhood House is a community-based organisation providing a range of services and programs to help support the local region. Volunteers are active in their work, performing administrative duties, maintaining the facilities and coordinating a range of social and educational programs to engage the wider community. The organisation promotes social inclusion by fostering community involvement and individual growth in an informal, familiar and supportive environment.
Ridge Hills United Football Club Incorporated Ridge Hills United Football Club Incorporated BALD HILLS 4017 $5,000.00 Ridge Hills United Football Club promotes a socially-inclusive, physically-active community by providing local children of all ages, backgrounds and abilities with an avenue for recreation and participation. Volunteers are indispensable to the Club, performing duties such as catering and administration, and maintaining a welcoming environment for players to connect with their peers and form lasting friendships. The Club represents an important part of the region's social fabric by strengthening local ties and fostering a fun and family-friendly environment.
Ridgehaven Calisthenics Club Incorporated Ridgehaven Calisthenics Club Incorporated MODBURY 5092 $1,582.29 The Ridgehaven Calisthenics Club welcomes all local residents with an interest in calisthenics. Volunteers undertake various duties to support the Club's agenda, such as making costumes, printing newsletters, coordinating practice sessions and raising funds at local events. By assisting performers to build life skills like discipline and respect for others, the Club helps to strengthen the community and improve the lives of participants and volunteers.
Riding Develops Abilities Mildura Branch Riding Develops Abilities Mildura Branch NICHOLS POINT 3501 $4,917.00 Riding Develops Abilities Mildura Branch provides recreational and educational services to people with a disability through participation in horse riding. Volunteers undertake a wide range of initiatives, including transporting horses, conducting training classes and performing administrative duties. The Branch is a valuable resource, assisting local residents with a disability to participate and integration into the community.
Riding Disabled Association Bakers Hill Carriage Driving Riding Disabled Association Bakers Hill Carriage Driving BAKERS HILL 6562 $3,144.00 The Riding Disabled Association Bakers Hill Carriage Driving provides opportunities for people with disability to enjoy safe, healthy and fun equestrian activities. Volunteers offer their support in a variety of ways, with a particular focus on teaching horse and carriage driving, and perform tasks such as maintaining equipment, caring for horses, and teaching classes. By fostering a culture of participation, the organisation promotes social inclusion, the development of life skills and the attainment of personal goals.
Riding for Disabled Association Maryborough Incorporated Riding for Disabled Association Maryborough Incorporated MARYBOROUGH 4650 $5,000.00 The Riding for the Disabled Association encourages the physical and intellectual development of individuals with disability, enriching lives through specialised horse riding programs.  Volunteers of the Maryborough branch organise recreational and competitive equestrian activities that encourage individuals of all ages to adopt active, healthy lifestyles, form new friendships and engage with the community.  The sport of horse riding provides an avenue through which individuals with disability and volunteers can come together for social interaction and recreational enjoyment.