Volunteer Grants - Successful Organisations

Legal Name Provider Name Location Provider / Activity Postcode Total Funding Organisation Description
Adelaide Box Lacrosse Club Incorporated Adelaide Box Lacrosse Club Incorporated NEWTON 5074 $3,460.00 Adelaide Box Lacrosse Club provides opportunities for community members to participate in the sport of indoor lacrosse and develop life-long friendships through mutual interests. Volunteers undertake a wide range of activities, including administrative duties and training to provide a safe and supportive environment for players. The Club is a focal point in the local community, offering local residents from many cultural and socio-economic backgrounds a positive venue for recreational activity and social interaction.
Adelaide Lesbian and Gay Cultural Festival Adelaide Lesbian and Gay Cultural Festival ADELAIDE 5000 $3,270.95 Adelaide Lesbian and Gay Cultural Festival celebrates the artistic and cultural achievements of people of diverse sexuality and gender during this event. Volunteers are essential to the running of the event, coordinating artistic and cultural works and projects, promoting healthy lifestyle choices and undertaking a wide variety of administrative roles. The Festival is a social hub for the region, fostering a more diverse local culture and creating an inclusive space for members of the community to connect with their peers.
Adelaide Plains Basketball Association Incorporated Adelaide Plains Basketball Association Incorporated BALAKLAVA 5461 $2,988.00 Adelaide Plains Basketball Association is a family-friendly sports club that helps to enable physical activity and community participation across a wide rural area. Volunteers support basketball in the region a wide variety of ways, such as producing a newsletter, organising competitions and maintaining facilities. The Association is a social hub, promoting community participation and strengthening community ties.
Adelaide University Hockey Club Incorporated Adelaide University Hockey Club Incorporated WEST BEACH 5024 $4,985.00 Adelaide University Hockey Club connects people from many different backgrounds by acting as a sporting hub of the local community. Volunteers play an active role in the Club by providing coaching, umpiring and mentoring for players, as well as organising local competitions that cater to players of many ages and abilities. The Club fosters an inclusive and supportive environment where participants can build self-esteem and learn new skills through healthy physical activity.
Adelfotis Tropeouhou Florinis (Agios Georgios) Incorporated Adelfotis Tropeouhou Florinis (Agios Georgios) Incorporated THORNBURY 3071 $2,600.00 Adelfotis Tropeouhou Florinis (Agios Georgios) provides older community members with regular activities and a welcoming environment for social interaction. The volunteers create opportunities for isolated community members to connect to society and assist the seniors to access community resources. By fostering a culture of participation, the Club provides a support network for seniors and an organised group of engaged citizens that strengthens the wider community.
Adoptive Families Association ACT Incorporated Adoptive Families Association ACT Incorporated PEARCE 2607 $3,030.00 Adoptive Families Association ACT provides support at each stage of the adoptive experience and assists with the application process. Volunteers assist in the organisation of social events, offer individual assistance during application and finalisation processes and help with the maintenance of records. The Association creates a welcoming and caring atmosphere and fosters new relationships through practical services.
ADRA Australia ADRA Community Centre - Eight Mile Plains EIGHT MILE PLAINS 4113 $4,670.00 The ADRA Community Centre - Eight Mile Plains offers practical and emotional assistance to community members who are affected by homelessness, unemployment, family crisis and illness. Volunteers support marginalised residents through the provision of grocery parcels, school uniforms for children and assistance with housing and medical bills. The Centre is a valuable community resource, fostering a sense of belonging and inclusion among service recipients.
Advance Employment Incorporated Charters Towers Access Group LISSNER 4820 $2,992.07 Charters Towers Access Group promotes equal access to services and facilities for local people with disability. Volunteers work in many areas to promote the wellbeing of disabled residents, including raising awareness of access, hosting Disability Action Week and organising events such as All Abilities Fun Day and a Trading Places day. By bringing issues faced by a vulnerable group of the community to public notice, the Group helps to promote a more cohesive and inclusive local community.
Advance Injune Incorporated Advance Injune Incorporated INJUNE 4454 $1,550.00 Advance Injune operates within the local community to improve quality of life for residents and promote a more inclusive, progressive society. Volunteers are unified in their commitment to the wellbeing of others, which they action by working on local projects, planting new gardens, and undertaking projects to maintain and restore town infrastructure. The group attracts volunteers of many ages and backgrounds and exemplifies the positive change that can be achieved through constructive community collaboration.
Advance Kingscote Incorporated Advance Kingscote Incorporated KINGSCOTE 5223 $1,532.00 Advance Kingscote is a Progress Association committed to improving the environment of the local areas for the benefit of the community. Volunteers take part in working bees and partner with community organisations to undertake local community projects to enhance the environment and the town.