Volunteer Grants - Successful Organisations

Legal Name Provider Name Location Provider / Activity Postcode Total Funding Organisation Description
Aboriginal Land Council of Tasmania Aboriginal Land Council of Tasmania GLADSTONE 7264 $4,000.00 The Aboriginal Land Council of Tasmania is dedicated to improving the welfare of Indigenous members of the community. Volunteers assist with the maintenance of equipment and buildings, and advise community groups and educational organisations on the natural values of the land. The Council is a hub of the community, encouraging involvement in the region and enhancing the wellbeing of local Indigenous residents.
Aboriginal Men's Learning Circle Incorporated Aboriginal Men's Learning Circle Incorporated VALLA BEACH 2448 $1,608.00 Aboriginal Men's Learning Circle seeks to foster the welfare of the local Indigenous community by facilitating connections to a range of educational and health services. Volunteers organise camps, coordinate drug and alcohol education programs, and work closely with local organisations to build community capacity. The Circle enhances Indigenous community members' identification with their heritage and strengthens their connections to the community, fostering a more inclusive and integrated society.
Aboriginals For Jesus Aboriginals For Jesus BORROLOOLA 854 $4,900.00 Aboriginals for Jesus is a community organisation dedicated to addressing the physical, spiritual and cultural needs of a remote Indigenous community. Volunteers assist by promoting awareness of the unique needs of the remote community, with particular attention given to the very young and elderly residents. The organisation alleviates disadvantage and empowers this remote Aboriginal community to build self-sufficiency and resilience.
About Campbell Town Incorporated About Campbell Town Incorporated CAMPBELL TOWN 7210 $1,470.00 About Campell Town is a volunteer-run organisation that manages the local museum and provides a wide range of informative services to residents and visitors to the region. Volunteers from a range of backgrounds collaborate to document the heritage of the local region and create an inviting environment where individuals and families can learn about their community This service enables the organisation to build social inclusion and community integration through an appreciation of mutual heritage.
ABREAD Incorporated ABREAD Incorporated CONNEWARRE 3227 $4,500.00 ABREAD offers a welcoming environment in which community members can congregate and work together to enrich local quality of life.  Volunteers promote social inclusion by facilitating access to education and support services and organising vocational activities, such as workshops, seminars, displays, field days and other training activities. The organisation represents a community-focused avenue through which local residents of all backgrounds and abilities can benefit from mutual support and collaborate towards a more inclusive, productive community.
Abundant Life Initiative Abundant Life Initiative FLINDERS VIEW 4305 $2,010.00 Abundant Life Initiative is a charitable, volunteer-based organisation that works to augment quality of life in the local area. Volunteers are an indispensable part of the organisation, distributing food to those in need, as well as running regular social events for the benefit of local residents. The Initiative encourages a more progressive community by helping marginalised residents build support networks and encouraging civic-minded residents to collaborate towards an improved local region.
Abundant Life Initiative Limited Abundant Life Initiative Limited FLINDERS VIEW 4305 $4,500.00 Abundant Life Initiative promotes a culture of social inclusion by assisting isolated individuals to engage with the community. Volunteers administer a drop in centre to assist community members in crisis or experiencing homelessness, as well as coordinating emergency food relief for disadvantaged individuals and families. The Initiative regularly collaborates with other local organisations to address community needs and establish an inclusive, comprehensive support network for the Flinders View region.
Acacia Ridge Community Support Incorporated Acacia Ridge Community Support Incorporated ACACIA RIDGE 4110 $1,190.00 Acacia Ridge Community Support provides information and social assistance to local community members with a focus on disadvantaged individuals and families. Volunteers facilitate access to a range of services, such as housing advice, emergency relief programs, and parenting groups, which forms a valuable network of support for community members. The organisation is an important local resource that promotes social inclusion, encourages community engagement and fosters the welfare of families and individuals in the Acacia Ridge region of Queensland.
Acacia Ridge Community Support Incorporated Acacia Ridge Community Support Incorporated ACACIA RIDGE 4110 $2,760.00 Acacia Ridge Community Support is a community centre that works to improve quality of life in the local region. Volunteers are an important part of the centre, where they coordinate food assistance for marginalised community members, assist with English conversation lessons for newly arrived migrants and run an op shop that provides affordable household goods to the economically disenfranchised. By supporting some of Acacia Ridge's most vulnerable residents, the centre and its volunteers facilitate a more interconnected, inclusive community.
Acacia Ridge Meals on Wheels Incorporated Acacia Ridge Meals on Wheels Incorporated ACACIA RIDGE 4110 $5,000.00 Acacia Ridge Meals on Wheels provides freshly cooked meals 5 days per week to the elderly, frail and disabled in the Acacia Ridge region. Volunteers also fulfil a vital social service in the area by providing incapacitated community members with opportunities for regular social interaction. The organisation is a valuable lifeline for house-bound residents, enabling them to maintain their dignity and independence.