Volunteer Grants - Successful Organisations

Legal Name Provider Name Location Provider / Activity Postcode Total Funding Organisation Description
Yorta Yorta Nation Aboriginal Corporation Yorta Yorta Nation Aboriginal Corporation BARMAH 3639 $5,000.00 Yorta Yorta Nation Aboriginal Corporation encourages active participation in the conservation of environment and culture. Volunteers work together on a range of community-focused projects and host regular meetings that enable families from across the region to come together and discuss issues of mutual importance. The Corporation seeks to empower, educate and lead the community into a unified cultural identity and an understanding of environmental sustainability.
You Have A Friend Incorporated You Have A Friend Incorporated BILAMBIL HEIGHTS 2486 $2,980.00 You Have A Friend provides regular hot meals and social support for individuals and families experiencing homelessness and financial hardship. Volunteers from all walks of life come together to provide this valued service, which delivers much-needed sustenance, clothing and referrals, assisting recipients to engage and integrate with the community. The group and its dedicated volunteers represent a valuable resource for people in times of need and an important resource in the development of a socially inclusive community.
Young Adults Disabled Association Incorporated Young Adults Disabled Association Incorporated LIVERPOOL 2170 $1,400.00 Young Adults Disabled Association endeavours to improve the welfare of people with disability by encouraging their engagement with the community. Volunteers operate a day-care centre, organise fundraising activities, and arrange social events such as excursions and monthly day trips. The Association offers an established support network for volunteers and participants, which reduces potential isolation and strengthens bonds within the community.
Young African Connection Young African Connection NOBLE PARK 3174 $4,970.00 Young African Connection is a youth development organisation to foster leadership and mentoring programs in the local African community. The volunteers play an active role in sustaining the diversity of African traditions and cultural value bringing these together in harmony with the Australian way of life. The organisation is a valuable social resource for individuals and families of African descent, encouraging values of tolerance and multiculturalism by facilitating their engagement with the wider community.
Young and District Family History Group Incorporated Young and District Family History Group Incorporated YOUNG 2594 $3,584.00 Young and District Family History Group is a local community organisation established to foster interest in local and world history through research and the preservation of resources. Volunteers provide access to family history resources and promote the Group’s activities at community functions and events. The Group aims to increase family networks and strengthen community ties by giving citizens of all ages the opportunity to access information that will connect them to the past and to each other.
Young Community Transport Service Incorporated Young Community Transport Service Incorporated YOUNG 2594 $1,299.00 The Young Community Transport Service enables elderly and transport-disadvantaged individuals to attend medical appointments and participate in their community. Volunteers coordinate appointments, plan routes and provide valuable interaction to socially isolated community members. The Service enables vulnerable individuals to connect with their community and access vital community resources to stay healthy and engaged.
Young Generation Filipino Senior Citizens Club of the South East Young Generation Filipino Senior Citizens Club of the South East DOVETON 3177 $5,000.00 The Young Generation Filipino Senior Citizens Club of the South East provides social interaction for senior citizens of Filipino descent living in the Doveton region. Volunteers organise a variety of recreational activities for elderly residents, including light sports, regular excursions and cultural events, that encourage the physical, intellectual and social development of participants. Participation in the Club fosters a sense of belonging among members and volunteers, which contributes to a more integrated and engaged society.
Young Historical Society Incorporated Young Historical Society Incorporated YOUNG 2594 $4,000.00 Young Historical Society is a community organisation that displays the history of the town and collects and preserves heritage items for generations to come. Volunteers run a folk museum which is open daily and attracts school groups, and local and international visitors. By preserving the town’s stories and history, the Society celebrates local identity and forges strong ties between communities of the past and present.
Young Life Australia Incorporated Young Life Australia (Barossa) NURIOOTPA 5355 $1,550.00 Young Life Australia Barossa is comprised of a dedicated cohort of volunteers focused on building confidence and resilience among young community members. Volunteers coordinate mentoring initiatives and deliver programs and activities that encourage responsible, productive lifestyles while assisting participants to develop practical skills and leadership qualities. The group helps to establish a more inclusive community by providing opportunities for fun and personal advancement.
Young Life Australia Incorporated Young Life Australia (Hobart) CLIFTON BEACH 7020 $4,925.00 Young Life Australia offers a variety of programs and services to engage with disadvantaged young people throughout the Hobart region. Volunteers coordinate a variety of mentoring programs to assist local youth to develop their self-perception and build social interaction skills. The organisation offers support to those who require assistance, connecting local youth to a range of valuable resources and fostering a sense of inclusion throughout the community.