Volunteer Grants - Successful Organisations

Legal Name Provider Name Location Provider / Activity Postcode Total Funding Organisation Description
Yellingbo Rural Fire Brigade CFA Yellingbo Rural Fire Brigade CFA YELLINGBO 3139 $4,971.00 The Yellingbo Rural Fire Brigade unites volunteers from the local area to train and respond to bushfires, domestic fires, and other emergencies. In addition to their emergency response role, the volunteers focus on increasing the community's emergency capacity through education, fire preparation and general fire awareness and safety. The Brigade promotes a conscientious approach to emergency prevention and provides volunteers with a constructive avenue for community contribution.
Yellingbo Rural Fire Brigade CFA Yellingbo Rural Fire Brigade CFA YELLINGBO 3139 $4,989.00 The Yellingbo Rural Fire Brigade serves a small township and its residents through the provision of vital emergency services. Volunteers coordinate education and awareness initiatives and are an essential lifeline for community members in distress due to flooding, bushfires and road accidents. By encouraging volunteers from many different backgrounds to collaborate for the benefit of their local region, the Brigade helps to forge a more connected community and encourages a spirit of mateship in Yellingbo.
Yeoval & District Men's Shed Incorporated Yeoval & District Men's Shed Incorporated YEOVAL 2868 $1,843.90 Yeoval and District Men's Shed provides a welcoming and inclusive environment where men from all walks of life can congregate to share skills and life experiences. Volunteers maintain the Shed and facilities, offering members a regular avenue to work on craft and construction projects, discuss personal issues and build self-confidence and community engagement. The Shed alleviates social isolation by enabling participants to establish friendships, form support networks and develop the confidence to interact with the wider community.
Yeoval Progress Association Incorporated Yeoval Progress Association Incorporated YEOVAL 2868 $1,679.00 Yeoval Progress Association is a community group that encourages local residents to become involved in their community. Volunteers undertake a variety of tasks, working to maintain the community hall, and to write, publish and distribute a local paper. The Association and its volunteers ensure the continued vibrancy of a small town, and are the embodiment of community spirit.
Yeppoon Branch Little Athletics Incorporated Yeppoon Branch Little Athletics Incorporated YEPPOON 4703 $1,409.99 Little Athletics is a national organisation that promotes childhood health through regular physical activity. Volunteers from Yeppoon Branch provide an instructive, welcoming environment where children of all ages and backgrounds can participate in regular competitive and recreational events. The Branch fosters social inclusion by offering an enjoyable, informative forum where participants can make new friends and learn social skills, such as cooperation and tolerance.
Yerrinbool Bargo Soccer Club Yerrinbool Bargo Soccer Club BARGO 2574 $4,500.00 Yerrinbool Bargo Soccer Club is community-oriented club that caters for residents of all ages, abilities and cultural backgrounds. Volunteers contribute by providing training services for players, maintaining the Club facilities and grounds, and conducting fundraising activities that provide opportunities for social interaction among players and their families. The Club provides members of the Bargo community with an inclusive avenue for social interaction and a healthy, active lifestyle.
Yeti Soccer Club Incorporated Yeti Soccer Club Incorporated RESERVOIR 3073 $5,000.00 The Yeti Soccer Club provides social support and sporting opportunities for local community members of Nepalese descent. Volunteers contribute in a number of ways, performing administrative duties, maintaining the facilities and equipment and providing vital first aid services to ensure the continued safety of players. By teaching participants about healthy lifestyles, team values and social interaction, the Club helps to shape engaged community members.
Yetman Rural Fire Brigade Yetman Rural Fire Brigade YETMAN 2410 $1,700.00 Yetman Rural Fire Brigade is part of a network of volunteer fire fighters supporting their community during emergencies and times of need. Volunteers contribute in a number of ways, such as responding to bushfires, house fires and road accidents, participating in village events, and educating the community in fire safety awareness. The Brigade brings volunteers from different backgrounds and professions together to promote community safety and assist local residents in times of crisis.
Yinnar and District Lions Club Incorporated Yinnar and District Lions Club Incorporated YINNAR 3869 $4,780.00 Yinnar and District Lions Club is a community-based volunteer organisation that supports disadvantaged community members while promoting a society based on values of tolerance and cooperation. Volunteers raise money for other charitable organisations and deliver a range of welfare and home maintenance services that allow isolated and elderly community members to retain their independence and experience an ethos of community interaction. The Club operates in conjunction with various other community groups to assist those in need and encourage an inclusive culture in the district.
YMCA Community Programming Limited Murray Marathon Committee of Management FAIRFIELD 3078 $5,000.00 Murray Marathon Committee of Management coordinates an annual flat water paddling event to raise funds for the improvement of the community. Volunteers undertake a wide range of activities, including manning checkpoints along the river, conducting fundraising initiatives and ensuring the safety of participants and crew. The Committee brings residents from all backgrounds to enjoy the event and build social and support networks, leading to a more integrated and inclusive community.