Volunteer Grants - Successful Organisations

Legal Name Provider Name Location Provider / Activity Postcode Total Funding Organisation Description
(DINKA) Jieng Community Association Incorporated (DINKA) Jieng Community Association Incorporated GUILDFORD 2161 $4,030.00 (Dinka) Jieng Community Association is dedicated to promoting the culture and protecting the rights and wellbeing of the local Dinka community. Volunteers deliver presentations and workshops, provide after-school and holiday programs for school students, and provide support for families experiencing challenges with immigration or education. The Association works to build an inclusive and integrated community through its engagement activities and partnerships with other organisations.
... and the Red Geranium ... and the Red Geranium BENDIGO 3550 $1,100.00 And the Red Geranium is a volunteer-based organisation that supports community members experiencing financial hardship. Volunteers develop and implement a number of fundraising initiatives to support disadvantaged individuals and families and assist charities to continue their vital work in the community. Participation in the organisation enables volunteers to make new friendships and collaborate towards the common goal of improving their community.
18 ACU A Coy Hinkler Parent Support Group Incorporated 18 ACU A Coy Hinkler Parent Support Group Incorporated BUNDABERG 4670 $1,150.00 18 Army Cadet Unit A Coy Hinkler Parent Support Group supports young people involved in the activities of the Army Cadets. Volunteers conduct fundraising events to purchase necessary equipment and provide administrative assistance to help prepare food for the Unit during camps and parades. The Group encourages communication and interaction between youth, promoting social inclusion in a diverse group and contributing to a more participative community.
181st West Wollongong Girls Brigade 181st West Wollongong Girls Brigade WEST WOLLONGONG 2500 $1,370.00 181st West Wollongong Girls Brigade assists girls of all ages to achieve their social, physical and intellectual potential. Volunteers foster a safe and encouraging environment for girls to form new friendships, as well as organising challenging activities and leadership camps for participants from all walks of life. The Brigade encourages girls from different backgrounds to develop leadership skills and grow into respected and engaged members of the community.
19th Perth Gosnells Girls Brigade 19th Perth Gosnells Girls Brigade GOSNELLS 6110 $3,850.00 19th Perth Gosnells Girls Brigade is an organisation that promotes the social, intellectual and cultural development of young girls. Volunteers are a driving force in the organisation, fostering a supportive and informative environment where girls can explore the outdoors, form new friendships and work on projects to enhance the local community. Participation in the group encourages young girls from all walks of life to develop leadership skills and learn values of tolerance, respect and humanitarianism.
1st Berkeley Vale Scout Group 1st Berkeley Vale Scout Group BERKELEY VALE 2261 $2,500.00 1st Berkeley Vale Scout Group is a community-oriented organisation dedicated to assisting the social, physical and intellectual development of young people in the region. Volunteers deliver a range of activities designed to promote the acquisition of important life skills and encourage a deeper engagement with the wider community. The Group has become a focal point in the community and fosters a culture of inclusion and participation among all walks of life.
1st Dubbo Scout Group 1st Dubbo Scout Group DUBBO 2830 $4,960.00 1st Dubbo Scout Group is a volunteer-based organisation dedicated to assisting young people to develop into engaged and responsible members of the community. Volunteers coordinate activities such as camps and excursions designed to encourage the social, physical and intellectual development of young people and enhance community participation and inclusion. The Group strengthens social cohesion and unites people from diverse socio-economic backgrounds by providing regular opportunities for interaction and growth.
1st Ingle Farm Scout Group 1st Ingle Farm Scout Group INGLE FARM 5098 $4,849.75 Scouts is a nationwide organisation that helps children and young people to realise their potential and fosters inclusive and progressive communities. Volunteers from the 1st Ingle Farm Scout Group encourage children of all backgrounds to participate in educational, recreational and community-focused activities, such as community clean up days to improve the local town. Participation in the Group provides children with opportunities to learn skills of leadership and cooperation while contributing to their community.
1st Kaniva Scout Group 1st Kaniva Scout Group KANIVA 3419 $4,700.00 The 1st Kaniva Scout Group provides young people with the knowledge, skills and values to become productive members of the community. Volunteers organise entertaining and educational activities that teach young people leadership, independence and responsibility in a safe and supportive environment. The Group unites individuals from many different walks of life, including people from low socio-economic and culturally diverse backgrounds, to foster friendships and support social welfare within the local and regional communities.
1st Lismore Scout Group 1st Lismore Scout Group LISMORE 2480 $5,000.00 The 1st Lismore Scout Group provides an inclusive and active environment for young people to learn important social and life skills. Volunteers organise educational activities and facilitate the scouts' involvement in local events, connecting them with the community and enabling them to develop new skills and meaningful social networks. The Group is a fun and supportive environment where young people learn skills that help them to become active and committed community members.