Volunteer Grants - Successful Organisations

Legal Name Provider Name Location Provider / Activity Postcode Total Funding Organisation Description
3RIM Incorporated 3RIM Incorporated MELTON 3337 $1,994.00 3RIM Community Broadcasting provides the Shire of Melton with informative and entertaining radio programming. Volunteer presenters reach out to the community, including isolated individuals and families who speak a language other than English at home, connecting the listeners and facilitating access to community resources. Community radio promotes a culture of inclusion where residents can find entertainment, information during emergencies, community resources and neighbourly interaction.
3RPC Incorporated 3RPC Incorporated PORTLAND 3305 $4,436.00 3RPC is a community radio station that broadcasts a wide range of programs to engage and entertain people in the Portland region of Victoria. Volunteers are essential to the station's operations, organising and presenting shows, conducting administrative duties, and collaborating with community groups to broadcast information about local services and events. The station attracts volunteers from many different backgrounds by providing them with an avenue for meaningful contribution to the community.
4 Hope Ministries 4 Hope Ministries GWANDALAN 2259 $2,720.00 4 Hope Ministries provides freshly cooked meals and food hampers to disadvantaged individuals and families in the Gwandalan region of New South Wales. Volunteers prepare and deliver meals to community members, at the same time providing recipients with valuable avenues for regular social interaction. The service offers an important safety net for potentially isolated and marginalised residents and contributes to an inclusive, productive community.
4 Life Care & Training Limited 4 Life Care & Training Limited TELEGRAPH POINT 2441 $3,000.00 4 Life Care and Training offers a welcoming environment in which community members can congregate and work together to enrich local quality of life.  Volunteers at the Centre promote social inclusion by facilitating access to education and support services, and running vocational activities that help participants to find employment. The organisation represents a community-focused avenue through which local residents of all backgrounds and abilities can benefit from mutual support and collaborate towards a more inclusive, productive community.
4 Life Care and Training 4 Life Care and Training PORT MACQUARIE 2444 $4,500.00 4 Life Care and Training offers a variety of programs and services to engage disadvantaged families and individuals in the Port Macquarie area. Volunteers donate their time and effort to distribute food and household items to vulnerable members of the community, as well as running workshops that teach important life skills. The organisation is committed to building social inclusion and contributing meaningfully to the wellbeing of the community.
4Walls Limited The Lotus Group WOOLLOONGABBA 4102 $3,597.00 The Lotus Group supports residents of a community housing complex in Woolloongabba. Volunteers form the backbone of the Group, bringing the community together with a range of inclusive activities such as the permaculture garden initiative, as well as teaching new life skills to participants and undertaking a wide variety of administrative roles. The Group is an essential part of its local region, providing a socially inclusive environment for residents to integrate with their peers, creating a more inviting and connected local community.
710 SQN Australian Air Force Cadets 710 SQN Australian Air Force Cadets BUNBURY 6230 $3,800.00 The 710 Squadron Australian Air Force Cadets provides a structured environment to encourage the social, physical and intellectual development of young people. Volunteers coordinate training programs and organise regular camps and activities to encourage leadership and communication skills among participants. By reaching out to young people from many backgrounds, the Squadron fosters a welcoming atmosphere for participants and encourages a socially inclusive community.
8EAR Community Radio Incorporated 8EAR Community Radio Incorporated NHULUNBUY 880 $4,700.00 8EAR Community Radio is a volunteer-run community radio service, the largest radio broadcaster in East Arnhem Land. Volunteers are vital to the station’s operations, developing and presenting programs, delivering important community announcements, and training new volunteer broadcasters. The station is committed to social inclusion, offering spoken word content in both English and Indigenous languages, and supporting young people to gain valuable skills that expand their career prospects.
A J Freeman Reserve Committee of Management A J Freeman Reserve Committee of Management PAYNESVILLE 3880 $4,992.00 A. J. Freeman Reserve Committee of Management provides an open and inviting space for local residents to come together and participate in community activities. The Committee consists of volunteers from different backgrounds who work to maintain the reserve, reach out to the community and promote the benefits of healthy living and strong social networks. The Reserve is a hub of activity, supporting many local sporting organisations in the region and offering a welcoming, inclusive venue where people from many backgrounds can experience a sense of community.
A Start in Life Masonic Youth Welfare Fund of NSW & ACT Cardiff Scout Group Cardiff CARDIFF 2285 $2,450.00 Cardiff Scout Group is a socially inclusive organisation that promotes values of self confidence, leadership and teamwork in young people. Volunteers arrange fundraising events to assist those from disadvantaged backgrounds and create a fun and educational environment by organising activities that challenge young participants. The Group helps the physical, intellectual and social development of young people, which contributes to a cohesive community.