Personal Helpers and Mentors (PHaMs) - Questions and Answers - Issue 7

Q&A issue no. 7 (Wednesday 19 December 2012)

Q1.  Is the financial documentation requested in Part 5 of the Application Form to be sent as attachments to the Application Form or just to be made available upon request?

A1.   Applicants do not need to attach the documents to their Applications.  DSS may ask for them to be provided at a later date.

Q2.  Our organisation has more than 5 outlets from which we can deliver the PHaMs service in the Coverage Area. Is this possible and if so, should this information be provided in the form of an attachment?

A2.  Information about additional outlets can be provided as an attachment.

Q3.  Is there a defined proportion of the budget that is to be allocated towards administrative costs?
A3.  No.  It is up to Applicants to determine the proportion of the Budget allocated to individual line items.

Q4.  For the new combined general PHaMs/specialist PHaMs employment services, is there a specific allocation formula or minimum number of specialist employment workers needed to be included in the team?

A4.  As noted on the DSS website, where a new combined PHaMs and PHaMs employment service is to be established, funding will be made available to employ three general PHaMs workers and two specialist employment PHaMs workers.


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