Personal Helpers and Mentors (PHaMs) - Questions and Answers - Issue 5

Q&A issue no. 5 (Wednesday 12 December 2012)

PHaMs Employment

No questions.

Coverage Areas

Q.  Could you please advise if Applicants are permitted to submit multiple applications for each PHaMs site/Coverage Area. For example, can we submit an application for general PHaMs services, an application for specialist PHaMs services and an application for mixed services in a PHaMs Coverage Area?

A. Only one application per organisation per site/Coverage Area will be accepted.  DSS has specific requirements regarding the type of service to be delivered in each site and is seeking to establish only one service type in each new site.  The service type to be established in each site is listed on the DSS website and in the Application Form.

Q.  We wish to apply for various specialist employment Personal Helpers and Mentors sites/Coverage Areas.  Do we need to submit a separate Application Form for each site/Coverage Area?

A.  Yes

Application Form

Q.  On the Application Form for new PHaMs services, does Question 25 only relate to the lead agency where there is a consortium? Or should Applicants also list the sites where PHaMs workers might be sub-contracting and working from?

A. Applicants should list all sites where they are proposing to locate PHaMs workers.

Q.  In relation to Question 18 in Part 4 of the Application Form – "Has your organisation applied for, or received, funding from any other source to deliver the same services covered by this application?" – does this just include funding for the relevant Coverage Area or region? And over what time period?

A.  Yes, this includes funding only for services within the Coverage Area to which the Application relates.  Funding for the current financial year should be included.

Q.  When completing the Application Form I cannot find a space for providing referees. Are referees required and is there a minimum number or requirement for referees?

A.  Referees are not required.

Q.  In the Application Form, each Core Selection Criterion asks for supporting evidence, this can be provided in the form of attachments. How is this possible using the electronic Application Form?

A.  After clicking the "submit" button on the Application Form, an email will be generated with the application attached.  Additional attachments should then be attached to this email before sending the completed Application to DSS.

Q.  In relation to the MOUs requested by the Department for the PHaMs employment services, should copies of these MOUs accompany the PHaMs Application Form when submitting it via email?

A.  DSS does not require copies of MOUs, but Applicants may provide them as attachments if they wish to do so.  Applicants should only include attachments in relation to their responses to Core Selection Criteria 3, 4 or 5.

Q.  We note from Issue 4 of the Department's ‘Questions & Answers’, that Selection Criteria 3, 4 and 5 (Part 7 Questions 28,29,& 30) request ‘supporting evidence’ or ‘evidence’ to be attached and note that attachments must be referred to in the response to be included in the assessment. Please could you confirm this and advise whether there is a limitation on the number of attachments allowed overall?

A.  This is correct. The Department can also confirm that there are no limits on the number of attachments that may be submitted as part of an Application, provided that each attachment is referred to in the Applicant's response.

Other Issues

Q.  Can you advise if the funding amount for services as of 1 July 2012 posted on the website for new tenders takes into account the Modern Award increases that are impacting on current contracts? If so, how should this be reflected in the proposed budget?

A.  No, the funding amount does not take into account the Modern Award increases.  Successful organisations may be eligible to receive Commonwealth Social and Community Services Award supplementation in addition to the funding amounts listed in the Program Guidelines and the Application Form. The Department will ascertain the eligibility of all successful Applicants for supplementation, and include the supplementation in funding agreements.

Q.  Are we able to access the data regarding mental illness rates per Coverage Areas which was used to identify the specific LGAs?

A.  DSS is unable to provide this data to Applicants.

Q.  According to section 4.5.2 of Part C1of the Program Guidelines, DSS expects a standard PHaMs service to employ a team of 5. Does the term “employ” mandate that each of the 5 roles is paid employment, or can volunteers fill one or more of the roles in the PHaMs team?

A.  The five PHaMs team members must be engaged as paid employees.

Q.  Regarding Asset costs in the New PHaMs and PHaMs Employment tenders, should applicants include a one-off cost for vehicle/office equipment assets? If yes, are these costs in addition to the $439,776 for Metro sites and $486,604 for Non-Metro?  If assets are included in the total funding, does this mean that the following years’ funding will be decreased by the amount allocated for the purchase of assets?

A.  Only ongoing (or recurring) costs should be included in the budget.  Establishment funding will be provided to successful applicants for new PHaMs services. However, the amount of establishment funding to be provided has not yet been determined and will depend on a range of factors, such as location of services and service type.

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