Personal Helpers and Mentors (PHaMs) - Questions and Answers

1. PHaMs Employment

1.1 Q. Will PHaMs employment workers get people jobs?

A. PHaMs employment workers will focus on:

  1. assisting participants to address personal barriers to finding and keeping a job; and
  2. providing personal support and assistance to access the services they require.

PHaMs employment workers will not provide participants with direct employment assistance (such as job-readiness training, job search or job-placement activity, or actively finding a person a job/training opportunity). This is the role of employment service providers who are already funded by the Government and are well positioned to do this for the PHaMs participant group.

1.2 Q. Will PHaMs participants with an employment goal be required to move to specialist PHaMs employment workers?

A. No.
A key aspect of PHaMs is the relationship between a participant and their personal helper and mentor. In the interests of preserving and maintaining these relationships, there will not be a requirement for PHaMs participants with employment as a major goal in their Individual Recovery Plans to be referred on to a specialist PHaMs employment worker or service.
PHaMs and PHaMs employment services are expected to develop servicing arrangements and referral protocols tailored to suit individual participants. Where appropriate and agreed by a participant, PHaMs services may refer them on to a PHaMs employment service to work more intensively on their employment goals.

2. Coverage Areas

2.1 Q. In relation to the PHaMs tender closing on 20 December 2012, can new providers tender for Specialist PHaMs employment site locations?

A. Yes.
DSS is using an open selection process to select service providers for all 38 Coverage Areas listed on the DSS website. Any eligible organisation can apply for funding to deliver PHaMs services in those Coverage Areas.

2.2 Q. We are not a current PHaMs provider but we would like the opportunity to be considered for the South Brisbane region, however it seems that this region already has an existing provider (from the table provided on your website) and thus we are restricted from applying – is this correct?

A. No, this is not correct.
Eligible organisations are able to apply for a PHaMs specialist employment site for the Local Government Area/Coverage Area of Brisbane.

2.3 Q. Please advise whether or not the Brisbane metropolitanarea funding would include the South Bayside suburbs?

A. The Brisbane Coverage Area includes the Local Government Area of Brisbane. The following is a link to a map of the Brisbane Local Government Area: Link to external website.

2.4 Q. Will DSS be providing a list of postcodes that relate to each PHaMs site?

A. No.
This is because the service Coverage Areas for PHaMs services established from 2012 onwards are not defined by postcodes.

2.5 Q. In the Application Form there is only the option to apply for PHaMs in one geographical area. Can you apply for more than one, and if so how?

A. You may apply for funding to deliver PHaMs services in as many Coverage Areas as you wish. However, you must complete a separate Application Form for each Coverage Area for which you wish to apply for funding.

2.6 Q. Could you please provide the postcodes/suburb names for the new targeted community of Cockburn in Western Australia? Is it the suburb of Cockburn, or all those areas that fall within the boundaries of the City of Cockburn?

A. The Coverage Area of Cockburn covers the Local Government Area of Cockburn. The following is a link to a map of the Cockburn Local Government Area: to external website.

2.7 Q. Is it possible to apply for funding for the Circular Head region of Tasmania?

A. PHaMs funding is only available for Local Government Areas within the Coverage Areas listed on the DSS website and in the Application Form.

3. Application Form

3.1 Q. How do I find the Selection Criteria to complete the Application?

A. To display the Selection Criteria within the Application Form, you must first select the State and Site/Coverage Area you wish to apply for in Part 6 (Activity Details) of the Application Form. Part 7 which contains the Selection Criteria will then be displayed.

3.2 Q. In Part 4 of the Application Form ("has your organisation applied for other DSS funding in the past 12 months?"), should we include any funding applications that were not successful?

A. Yes.
All DSS funding applications, (whether successful or unsuccessful) should be listed in response to the question.

4. Other Issues

4.1 Q. What do you consider as a remote region in Queensland? Would North Stradbroke Island qualify as a remote region by DSS?

A. North Stradbroke Island is not classified as a remote region by DSS.

4.2 Q. Can you please provide information on whether services located in the Northern Territory are eligible/targeted for funding under the PHaMs program for 2012/13 or if there are some other funding arrangements for the NT? Is there to be any new PHaMs funding for the Northern Territory?

A. In March 2012 Minister Macklin announced that two new remote PHaMs would be established in the Northern Territory as part of the Stronger Futures initiative. Selection of service providers to deliver PHaMs in those sites will be undertaken through a separate process during 2013.


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