Mental Health Respite: Carer Support - Questions and Answers - Issue 3

Q&A issue no. 3 (Wednesday 5 December 2012)

Q1. Referring to the following question in last week’s Q&As:

Q: Can you please advise whether we can use attachments to support our MHR:CS application, and whether there are any restrictions?
A. In accordance with section 3.6 of Part C2 of the Program Guidelines, Applicants should only include attachments where requested to do so. Unless special circumstances apply, the Department will not consider attachments that have not been specifically requested.
Does this rule out letters of support as attachments?

A. The selection criterion in question 31 of the application form asks for evidence, which can be provided in the form of attachments.  It is up to applicants to determine the attachments they will provide. 

Q2.  Where can applicants get the best up-to-date information about the demographics of carers in a HACC area so that their submissions can be based on the latest evidence?

A. It is up to applicants to obtain information they consider relevant for their applications.

Q4. One of the selection criteria in the Mental Health Respite: Carer Support application form is the same as a criterion in the Personal Helpers and Mentors application form but different word limits apply to responses.  Is this correct? 

A. The word limits for the criteria in the Mental Health Respite: Carer Support are indicated on the application form.  The PHaMs and MHR:CS funding rounds are not linked and therefore have separate selection criteria and word limits.

Q5. A funding opportunity for Mental Health Respite: Carer Support has been advertised regularly in Tasmanian newspapers, however it appears Tasmanian carers are not supported in this funding initiative.  Could you please advise on this matter?

A. In Tasmania, there is currently a restricted process to select a provider or providers to expand services to cover Local Government Areas in Southern Tasmania.  Refer to MHR:CS Questions and Answers Issue 1 dated 21 November 2012.

While the Department is not seeking applications for new services in Tasmania, the funding round has been advertised nationally to ensure that all eligible organisations are aware of the opportunity to apply for funding to deliver services in the sites listed on the DSS website.

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