Personal Helpers and Mentors Program Demonstration Teams - Round 1 - South Australia

Demonstration Site: Elizabeth
Organisation: Anglicare SA Inc

Anglicare SA has been operating in South Australia for 150 years providing community services across metropolitan Adelaide. It is the largest non-government service provider in the northern area.

People with a mental illness access a wide range of Anglicare's vast array of programmes and services including Anglicare Personal Support Programme (currently supporting 100 participants in Elizabeth); Psychiatric Disability Pathways Programme, providing intensive support for independent living in the community; Employment Assistance Programme; and the Supported Tenancies Programme, working with public housing tenants.

Anglicare's services are strengths-based, recovery-focused and provide whole-of-life support to clients. Clients are assisted to set their own goals as part of an Individual Recovery Plan. Anglicare provides case management and arranges the support programmes and services each client needs. This may cover accommodation, financial, educational, health and vocational support and may be delivered in-house or by referral to other agencies.

Anglicare has a long history of collaborative and co-operative working relationships with other community service organisations, private enterprise and government agencies. It has successful connections with key mental health services and programmes (Northern Mental Health, North-East Mental Health, Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service, Adult Mental Health Service, Assessment Crisis Intervention Service, Lyell McEwin Hospital), a number of community health services, supported accommodation services, housing and homelessness services (Housing SA, RedShield Housing Association, Centacare Youth and Indigenous Housing), addiction services, employment services (Westaff, Adelaide Recruitment Services, Correctional Services), family services (Families SA), etc. Over 30 of these relationships are formalised through Agreements or Memoranda of Understanding (MOU).

Anglicare has extensive experience working with Indigenous families and works closely with Northern Metropolitan Aboriginal Council, Aboriginal Housing Authority, Nunga Miminis Women's Shelter, and the Aboriginal Family Support Service. Numerous collaborative projects with Indigenous communities are currently being undertaken.

Anglicare also has a strong track record providing services to CALD groups and has links with a number of ethnic community organisations. Anglicare, in partnership with the Migrant Resource Centre, currently operates settlement services for all humanitarian entrants to South Australia and provides relationship counselling and life skills programmes for refugee youth.

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Demonstration Site: North and far West Country
Organisation: Mission Australia

Mission Australia is a non-denominational Christian community service organisation which operates more than 320 services in all States and Territories across Australia.

These services include more than 91 Personal Support Programmes (PSP) with a combined caseload of 7,000 clients Australia-wide. Around 76% of these clients reported they had a mental illness in a recent survey.

Despite its wide range of service models, many of Mission Australia's programmes have a strengths-based, recovery-focused, case management approach to service provision. These include its Personal Support Programmes (PSP) and its Job Placement Employment and Training (JPET) programme.

Mission Australia also has significant experience in providing psychosocial rehabilitation support services to people with a mental illness, gained through its Housing Accommodation and Support Initiative (HASI) programmes in NSW. HASI provides psychosocial rehabilitation support services to assist people with a mental illness to maintain their tenancies and participate in their communities. The program is consumer-driven, recovery-focussed, strengths-based and employs flexible service delivery to facilitate sustainable outcomes for clients.

Mission Australia works extensively in rural areas and with remote communities. It also has experience in delivering programmes for people from CALD backgrounds and for Indigenous communities.

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