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Volunteer Grants 2009 overview

There was a very strong response from community organisations around Australia for the $21 million Volunteer Grants 2009 initiative.  More than 17,700 applications were received and over 6,700 organisations were successful in receiving funding to assist an estimated 366,000 volunteers across Australia.

Applications were assessed against the selection criteria outlined in the Volunteer Grants 2009 Application Guidelines. There were many excellent applications and the funding round was very competitive.

A list of tips to assist your organisation when completing future Volunteer Grants applications is provided below.

Other funding options can be sourced at:

Grant application support can be found at:

If you have any further queries, please contact the Volunteer Grants Hotline on 1800 183 374, or via email to vg2009 (vg2009@dss.gov.au).

General feedback on Volunteer Grants applications

These tips provide guidance for completing Volunteer Grants applications.

  • It is important to read and follow all Volunteer Grants application material provided, in particular the Application Guidelines.  Refer to the relevant sections of the application material when completing your application form.
  • Take note of the information regarding the selection criteria, and keep this in mind when answering related questions.
  • All mandatory questions must be completed. Your application may not be considered if any of these questions are left blank.
  • Volunteer Grants is very competitive and meeting the selection criteria does not necessarily guarantee success as funding is limited.  It is very important that you read all application material, particularly the Application Guidelines. 
  • Make sure you describe and cost the requested items accurately and become familiar with the eligibility information provided in the Application Guidelines.  Request funding for eligible items only. 
  • The requested funding must be within the minimum and maximum funding limits, as stated in the Application Guidelines.
  • It is important that organisations clearly establish their legal entity status.  This information is often available from your organisation’s finance officer or accountant.
  • Ensure your answers provided for the budget, the number of volunteers and the number of paid staff, are for the organisation/sponsoring organisation applying for funding.
  • The cost of the requested item/s influenced the rating of applications (above the minimum amount of $1,000).
  • When listing the requested items, please do not exceed the number of rows provided in the application form.
  • Provide strong and clear examples of how the requested item(s) directly benefit the organisation’s volunteers (in their capacity as volunteers) and not the organisation itself or its participants and members.
  • Please keep answers accurate, clear and within specified word limits.  Any text provided over the limit may not be taken into account. 
  • Prepare early and allow plenty of time to meet the application closing date and time. It is the responsibility of the organisation to make sure that their application is received by the Department to meet the scheduled closing date.  If posting your application, make sure you send it to the specified mailing address in the application form.
  • Check your application and answers for completeness and accuracy before submitting your application (whether by post or online). Incorrectly answered questions may rule your application ineligible.
  • If submitting a paper-based application form, ensure it is signed by an authorised person. 
  • Keep a copy of your application for your records.  If submitting a paper-based application form, please keep evidence of the date it was posted.


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