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Note: projects are displayed by funding in ascending order.

Organisation Central Wheatbelt Community Support Group Project title Yellow Ribbon Suicide Program in rural areas Description Implement the Yellow ribbon Suicide Prevention Program and to fund volunteers for suicide prevention. Amount $1,000

Organisation Plantagenet Family Church Project title Great Southern Befrienders Project Description A training program for volunteers who can then support individuals and community with relationship difficulties or personal and emotional strain. Amount $2,500

Organisation Lakes Link Telecentre Project title Revitalising our Community Description One day community workshop to engage the community and develop a future vision for the town. Amount $3,000

Organisation Rainbow Coast Neighbourhood Centre Project title Albany Reconciliation Harmony Ball Description A Reconciliation ball held in November 2001 to celebrate unity and harmony between the Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal community. Amount $4,092

Organisation Wheatbelt Mission Project title Seasons for Growth Description The project will positively address the current distress in the Wheatbelt by empowering families, through the three different programs, to achieve the ability to deal with change. Amount $5,121

Organisation Shire of Mukinbudin Project title Putting Eggs into Other Baskets Description The project involves conducting a two-day seminar aimed at educating farmers and other community members on alternative second income businesses. Amount $5,230

Organisation Shire of Manjimup Project title Sewing and Craft Group Description To secure equipment and furniture so that the sewing and craft group for people with an intellectual disability can continue to operate. Amount $5,955

Organisation Gnowangerup Community Playgroup Project title Gnowangerup Community Parents Group Description Provision of activities for children, info sharing for parents, information sessions on relevant issues based upon needs expressed by those parents and children attending. Amount $6,193

Organisation Wandering Parents' and Citizens' Association Project title Wandering Playground project Description Provision of safe playground equipment in Wandering. Amount $7,000

Organisation Shire of Wagin Project title Wagin Lakes Cultural Heritage Study Description Bringing the aboriginal elders together with young indigenous trainees to protect and restore the Wagin Lakes system and preserve/reinvigorate the indigenous culture of the region. Amount $7,200

Organisation Shire of Roebourne Project title Roebourne Cross Cultural Festival Description A community initiated cross-cultural festival which would become an annual event. Amount $7,273

Organisation CSD Network Project title Mandurah community development Description Assist disadvantaged communities preparing funding submissions. Work with a reference group to develop strategies for addressing issues identified and assist the group develop a proposal that addresses the issues identified in phase 1 of the project. Amount $7,500

Organisation Nannup Shire Council Project title Making Happen a Nannup Community Project Description Addressing the issue of lack of community cohesion by pulling together the many different interest groups in Nannup to develop a project for the benefit of the whole community. Amount $8,500

Organisation Shire of Mukinbudin Project title The Mukinbudin FM Radio Fund Description The project aims to decrease feelings of isolation and deprivation of Mukinbudin's youth population by providing funding for building of a radio tower to access FM radio, specifically the Triple J station. Amount $9,000

Organisation Shire of Merredin Project title Merredin Child Health Centre Relocation Description Merredin's Child Health Centre is to be relocated due to a number of factors including structural and OH&S deficiencies with the existing premises. The centre will relocate to where the Child Care Centre is. Amount $10,000

Organisation Edith Cowan University Project title South West Financial Solutions Description Enhancing community capacity economically and socially through community development processes using principles of micro finance and mutuality. Amount $11,300

Organisation Ngoonjuwah Council Inc Project title Getting their voice heard - strengthening the Aboriginal network in Halls Creek Description Support for a network of Aboriginal people in Halls Creek to develop leadership skills and provide a forum to provide a local Aboriginal perspective on issues. Amount $15,500

Organisation Donnybrook/Balingup Community Centre Committee Project title Renovate/Extend premises to establish a Multi-functional Community Centre Description To renovate an existing building for a community centre. Amount $17,500

Organisation Mowanjum Aboriginal Corporation Project title Awakening of the Wandjina Description Funding for artists and their families to travel back to their traditional country to re-engage with their creative source, and to build cultural and family strength. Amount $20,400

Organisation CSD Network Project title Healing and Re-empowerment Description To start the process of healing rifts between the local indigenous groups and to develop strategies for moving forward. Amount $21,875

Organisation Youth Affairs Council of WA Project title Networking the Networks Description Regional Youth Coordination Networks (RYCN's) Communication Project. Amount $22,345

Organisation City of Belmont Project title Belmont Community Facilitator Description A facilitator will conduct consultations in the Belmont area and assist the communities identified to achieve their capacity building objectives by facilitating processes that may or may not include assistance to develop funding proposals under SFCS. Amount $25,000

Organisation City of Geraldton Project title Geraldton Community Facilitator Description To employ a community development facilitator to develop a strategic approach for access to SFCS funds for Geraldton using processes that encourages community participation and work in collaboration with the City of Geraldton's strategic planning process. Amount $25,000

Organisation Wheatbelt Area Consultative Committee Project title Wheatbelt Community Development Officer project Description To employ a community development facilitator to develop a strategic approach for access to SFCS funds for the Wheatbelt using processes that encourage community participation and focusing on the areas of most need. Amount $25,000

Organisation Pilbara HomeCare Inc Project title Top end family forum Description A facilitated gathering of people with disabilities and their families, aimed at developing strategies to address issues of common interest to people living in the remote areas of northern Australia. Amount $26,500

Organisation The WA Deaf Society Inc Project title Teaching Auslan, communication and parenting strategies to families who have Deaf or hard of hearing children. Description The project will teach Auslan (Australian Sign Language), communication and parenting strategies to families who have deaf or hard of hearing children in WA. Amount $29,950

Organisation Ngaanyatjarra Council Project title Enterprise Development in the Ngaanyatjarra Lands Description To employ a Community Planning Officer to work with all 11 Ng communities to develop strategies aimed at capacity building and self-reliance. Amount $30,000

Organisation Shire of Pingelly (Pingelly Skate Park Committee) Project title Pingelly Youth Skate Park Description To contribute towards the purchase and construction of the Pingelly skate park to provide a wider range of activities for youth in the town and give them an opportunity to widen their skills through being involved in its ongoing management. Amount $31,000

Organisation City of Mandurah Project title Mandurah Community Planning Description To extend the hours of a part-time planning position to enhance its capacity to undertake consultation, coordination and support. Amount $33,455

Organisation Wongan Hills and District Association for the Handicapped Project title Yallambee Stronger Families Description The project will provide adopt-a-family and other activities to deal with the communities expressed needs around supporting families and young people. Amount $35,570

Organisation Peel Training and Employment Project title Bilydar Leadership and Cultural Awareness Project Description Implementation of the Bilydar Leadership and Cultural Awareness project, including a 10 day cultural awareness, personal development and leadership camp. Amount $42,500

Organisation Anglicare WA Project title Young Mums Support Project - Phase 2 (SFF) Description To add a coordination function and action research component to a program that supports young mothers through regular group sessions and individual support through home visiting, advocacy and counselling. Amount $45,165

Organisation Paupiyala Tjarutja Aboriginal Corporation Project title Enhancing Leadership, Governance, Social and Economic development with the Spinifex People of the Great Victoria Desert Description Enhance governance, leadership and social, cultural and community capacity as a basis for future economic capacity. Amount $50,000

Organisation Town of Kwinana Project title Imagine Kwinana (Building a Stronger Kwinana) Description The project will map existing community assets and strengths, conduct community visioning/planning sessions, and develop strategies for mobilising these assets and strengths to achieve the community's vision for a stronger Kwinana. Amount $50,000

Organisation Town of Port Hedland Project title Accommodating Change - Regional Housing for Community Workers Description Establish a regional housing association that will transform existing small scale housing and surplus mining company housing stock into accessible and affordable community housing. Amount $51,198

Organisation Youth Affairs Council of WA Project title "Connect Four" action based program Description Action based leadership training/support for young volunteers that will enable them to develop skills to work in teams, develop their own projects, be spokespersons for their own groups, work effectively with the media, governments and mentor other young people. Amount $51,631

Organisation Marr Mooditj Foundation Inc Project title Booraka Personal Futures Planning Project Description Support the advancement of the health and wellbeing of young Noongar men and women. Amount $56,364

Organisation Peel Youth Programme Project title Eyes Wide Open Description Funding required for the Eyes Wide Open program for at risk youth 15-19. To provide young parents at risk information on parenting skills and at risk behaviour prevention strategies. Amount $56,490

Organisation Mukabudin Telecentre Inc Project title Wheatbelt Community Builders Clusters project Description To support the implementation of 4 community builders clusters in the wheatbelt region of WA and enable a community event of some sort to be held in each participating town. Amount $60,000

Organisation Western Australian Council of Social Service Inc Project title The Emergency Relief Volunteer Learning and Development (ERVLAD) Project Description The project will undertake support, development and training with Volunteers engaged in the Emergency Relief sector in Western Australia. Amount $70,000

Organisation Peel Youth Programme Project title Eyes Wide Open - Phase 2 Description The current proposal is to extend funding to the Eyes Wide Open Project for one year to enable a formal evaluation component to be built in so that the learning's can be fed into the department's broader agenda Amount $74,490

Organisation Geraldton City Council Project title Empowering Young People in the Geraldton Region Description Employing youth development officer to enhance coordination and collaboration between youth services and bring youth together to empower them to develop a 5 year youth strategy and initiate some priority youth projects arising from the strategy. Amount $80,000

Organisation Community Housing Coalition of WA Inc. Project title Phase 2 of the Kimberley Management Support Service Feasibility Study Description This project will make a strategic contribution to the implementation of a new management support service that will have significant impact on the capacity of community. Amount $80,000

Organisation Mt Pierre Aboriginal Pastoral Corporation Project title Mt Pierre Experiential Learning Program Description Using an experiential learning process to develop and implement appropriate models for identifying, training and mentoring leaders in several Aboriginal communities linked to the Mt Pierre Station. Amount $80,355

Organisation Resource Unit for Children with Special Needs (RUCSN) Project title Mid West Parent Support Project - Phase 2 (SFF) Description To add a coordination function and action research component to a program that provides a mobile parenting, early intervention and relationship education service targeted at young families in the Murchison region. Amount $81,159

Organisation Kimberley Land Council Project title Tjurabalan Community Capacity Building Pilot Project Description Employment of a community development facilitator to work with the Tjurabalan region including Balgo Community for a 2 year period to facilitate and oversee a capacity building process. Amount $100,000

Organisation Ngala Family Resource Centre Project title Sleep on Satellite Description Establishing a proven parenting education program in rural and remote areas of WA for parents with children 0-5 years of age. Amount $105,000

Organisation Wheatbelt Aboriginal Corporation Project title Establish community action groups for Aboriginal families. Description Establish community action groups in a range of locations as a mechanism for aboriginal families to come together to develop community plans. Amount $108,000

Organisation Hyden Progress Association Inc Project title Hyden People Care Support Officer Description Employment of an Officer for three years to enable the community of Hyden to support itself through tough times by providing relationship education and advice as well as coordinating skills development opportunities. Amount $112,952

Organisation Ngaanyatjarra Council Project title Kiwirrkurra Community Project Description Kiwirrkurra Community Redevelopment Project. Amount $120,000

Organisation Goldfields Centrecare Project title Esperance Relationship Counselling Description Prevention of suicide through enhanced community resilience and resourcefulness and stronger relationships. Treatment, prevention and community awareness will assist in this goal. Amount $124,920

Organisation Dar Al Shifah (Islamic) INC Project title Dar Al Shifah, Islamic Family Support. Description Project addresses the needs of parents with parenting skill programs in an Islamic context and works with mainstream services to provide cultural awareness raising for both families and agencies. Amount $125,994

Organisation Northern Suburbs Migrant Resource Centre Project title Development of leadership skills in CALD communities. Description To run group activities and access training to develop leadership skills of leaders in CALD communities. Amount $139,805

Organisation Fitzroy Crossing Family Centre Inc Project title Fitzroy Valley Child Care Links Description To link local families and families from outlying communities to child care and other services. Amount $143,000

Organisation Ngala Family Resource Centre Project title Ngala Child Care Family Links Description To focus on the rapidly growing northern corridor of the Perth metropolitan area. To provide integrated and coordinated family information, education and support by linking a range of service providers and agencies. Amount $143,000

Organisation Rose Nowers Child Care Centre Inc Project title Port Hedland Child Care Links Project Description To link with other services in the region and establish links with Indigenous communities situated close to the township. Amount $143,000

Organisation Balga Senior High School Child Care Centre Project title Parenting support service for teenage mums who use Balga Senior High School Childcare Service. Description To establish a child care centre and parent support service for students at Balga Senior High School. Amount $157,000

Organisation Family skills development centre Project title Developing Effective Young Parents Description To develop effective young parents in order to reduce family breakdown, family crisis and welfare dependency. Increase skills in teen parents to facilitate responsible parenting practices. Amount $160,000

Organisation Anglicare WA Project title Young Mums Support Project (EIP) Description The project will involve the facilitation of a regular young mothers group and individual support through home visiting, advocacy and counselling. Amount $183,405

Organisation Shire of Mundaring Project title Midvale Parenting Project Description A family support officer will provide a preventative, early intervention parenting program for all parents in the region. Families will be linked to their community through networking, playgroups and parenting programs. Amount $198,000

Organisation Eastern Goldfields Medical Division of General Practice Project title Strengthening Mining Families in the Eastern Goldfields Description Implement a preventative, early intervention approach to the social, family, psychological and physical well-being of men and their families in the mining communities of the Eastern Goldfields. Amount $200,460

Organisation Ngangganawili Aboriginal Community Controlled Health and Medical Service Aboriginal Corporation Project title Strengthening Families in Wiluna and the Western Desert Description The project officer will be based in Wiluna to facilitate enhanced collaboration between agencies that support families and communities in this remote central desert region and to facilitate action research. Amount $202,400

Organisation Wheatbelt ACC Project title Wheatbelt Youth Leadership Project (WYLP) Description The project will train and mentor young people aged 12 – 25 to undertake visioning workshops in the Wheatbelt. Amount $211,731

Organisation Youth Involvement Council Project title 'Helping Families' - an Intensive Youth and Family Support Project Description Support "high risk" young people and their families who have complex personal and family issues and reject regular services. Amount $231,120

Organisation Churches Commission on Education Project title Wilderness Intervention Program Description Implement the Wilderness Intervention Program in 3 high schools. Through group processing, wilderness therapy, parent workshops and one to one mentoring WIP aims to increase the resilience levels and leadership skills of young people. Amount $240,259

Organisation The Resource Unit for Children with Special Needs Project title Mid West Gascoyne Parent Support Project (EIP) Description Aims to provide responsive and regionalised support to parents in the remote areas of the Mid West Gascoyne by providing info and training to parents on topics such as child development, managing behaviour, meeting children's special needs and accessing services. Amount $250,000

Organisation Kimberley Aboriginal Law and Culture Centre Project title Mowla Bluff Diversionary and Youth Leadership Development Program (aka The Yiriman Project) Description Establish a culturally appropriate diversionary and future leaders program, owned, designed and delivered by Aboriginal Elders, for identified aboriginal youth exhibiting problem behaviours and interfacing with the justice system. Amount $262,500

Organisation Curtin University of Technology Project title Building Stronger Families: Empowering parents to prevent bullying Description Empowering parents to prevent bullying through the promotion of positive parenting strategies. Amount $278,017

Organisation Great Mates Inc. Project title Great Mates Description The project is to assist the communities of the Perth metropolitan area to develop a community based mentoring program for young people. Amount $280,000

Organisation Ord Valley Aboriginal Health Service Project title Kununurra Men's House Description To operationalise the proposed men's house in Kununurra by funding a manager, counsellor and outreach worker. Amount $284,297

Organisation Fairbridge Project title Fairbridge: Pathways for Young People Program Description Establish three tried and tested pilot programs to enable staff to assist young people on a pathway through to becoming valued contributors and leaders of their communities. Amount $300,000

Organisation Central Great Southern Community Health Services Project title Smart Start Description An early intervention support/info service for new parents designed to ensure that by the time children are entering the school system they are equipped with basic pre-literacy skills necessary to do well. Amount $301,830

Organisation City of Mandurah Project title Building Community in Mandurah Description Funding for three part-time community facilitators to help build natural community supports and reduce social isolation for young families in three disadvantaged areas. Amount $306,443

Organisation Patricia Giles Centre Project title Fostering Resilient Families Description Long term structured outreach support - early intervention to families re-establishing violence free lives. Amount $330,670

Organisation Ruah Inreach, agency of the Daughters of Charity Services WA Ltd Project title Partnering Vulnerable Families Description Provision of specialist relationship centred intervention with families where the parents have a mental illness for 2 years. Aims to enhance the coping and functioning of the family through enhanced parenting and relationship skills and acquisition of support. Amount $339,880

Organisation Children of Parents with a Mental Illness (COPMI) Project title Supporting Children and families where a parent has a mental illness Description Project to address poor coordination/fragmentation of services for children of parents with a mental illness. Amount $391,850

Organisation City of Mandurah on behalf of Quality Relationships Alliance Project title Quality Relationships Alliance Description The project will take a four pronged approach to increasing family strength and reducing relationship breakdown. Amount $407,870

Organisation Jalaris Aboriginal Corporation Project title Building Strong and Healthy Families in Derby Description Funding for a co-ordinator and CDEP wage top up to promote a more co-ordinated and holistic approach to addressing major issues affecting family strength and health with a particular focus on meeting fundamental needs such as adequate nutrition. Amount $564,610

Organisation Ngaanyatjarra Health Project title Strengthening Families across the Ngaanyatjarra Lands Description To develop partnerships and collaboration with all service providers and local councils and to develop parenting strategies and playgroups. Amount $1,041,250




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