My Aged Care

My Aged Care was introduced on 1 July 2013 and currently assists older people, their families and carers to access aged care information and service via the My Aged Care website  and national phone line (1800 200 422).

My Aged Care currently provides:

  • information on aged care;
  • support for consumers to find Commonwealth funded aged care services in their local area; and
  • referrals to assessment services and service providers

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My Aged Care today

My Aged Care has created a clear entry point to the aged care system and established a key point of interaction with consumers, including clients, carers, service providers and health professionals.

My Aged Care commenced on 1 July 2013, with the launch of the website and contact centre. My Aged Care was developed based on extensive consultation across Australia, with individuals, services, peak bodies, consumers, and government departments.

The My Aged Care Contact Centre (1800 200 422) operates from 8am – 8pm Monday-Friday, and 10am – 2pm on Saturdays. The My Aged Care phone line is closed on Sundays and national public holidays.

Please visit the My Aged Care website for more information on aged care services.

Where are we up to now?

Since July 2013, we have been working with service providers, assessors, peak bodies and government representatives to develop the design of the next stage of My Aged Care.

We will continue to work closely with stakeholders as we progress through the design and build of the next stage.

For more information on upcoming consultations please visit Get Involved.

My Aged Care Roadshow

The National My Aged Care Consultations, held through April and May 2014 were an opportunity to consult more broadly to test the proposed design of the system (including service delivery pathways, system capability and functionality).

The Roadshow provided a unique opportunity to demonstrate the proof of concept – how different participants might use the system (e.g. pathway, information provision and actions) and start receiving feedback.

The Department will continue to work closely with stakeholders as we progress through the design and build of the next stage.

My Aged Care Roadshow presentation

During April and May 2014, the Department conducted a series of consultations to engage with the aged care sector on the proposed design of the next stage of My Aged Care, which will see the introduction of services that will support clients in accessing services that meet their needs.

My Aged Care Video

The video provides an overview of what you can find on the My Aged Care website. The My Aged Care website is designed to make it easier for older people, their families and carers to access information on ageing and aged care.

What is changing?

In 2014, there are some significant changes happening in My Aged Care.

Publication of Accommodation Prices in Residential Care

Since 19 May 2014, all aged care homes have been required to publish their maximum accommodation prices and descriptive information on the My Aged Care website, their own website and in other relevant materials they provide to prospective residents and their families.  This information is for new residents entering an aged care home on or after 1 July 2014. For more information, please see the Publication of Accommodation Prices page.

Approved providers are able to update their own accommodation pricing and related information on My Aged Care, via the Aged Care Provider Portal.

Quality indicators

Consumer information on the Quality Indicator Programme will be available on the My Aged Care website from 1 July 2014.

The consumer information will include: 

  • quality indicators - general consumer information about the programme
  • resident's privacy - about the privacy of any resident details collected as part of the programme.
  • what indicators will initially be used

Fee Estimator

The Department will shortly launch an online Residential Care Fee Estimator and Home Care Fee Estimator on the My Aged Care website. The Fee Estimators will allow consumers to estimate what costs their service provider may ask them to pay.

The Fee Estimator is not a substitute for financial advice.  The Department encourages users to seek independent legal, financial, taxation or other advice to check how the estimate relates to their particular circumstances.

Consumer information on the Fee Estimator will be available on the My Aged Care website shortly.

Stage two of My Aged Care

Over time, My Aged Care will simplify the way older people have their needs assessed (via screening over the phone where possible, and face to face assessment, generally in the home) and provide a client record to securely store their information.

The next stage of My Aged Care will be incrementally introduced from January 2015 and will include the introduction of a client record will reduce the number of times that older people have to repeat their story, as assessors and service providers will be able to access the personal information and assessment outcomes held in the record.

My Aged Care will also introduce a matching and referral service to provide further assistance to older people to locate and access the services that are appropriate for them.

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