Ageing and Aged Care

The Department of Social Services aims to encourage older people to live active and independent lives. The Department works to deliver quality, affordable and accessible aged care and carer support services for older people, including through subsidies and grants, industry assistance, training and regulation of the aged care sector.

Responsibility for aged care and ageing recently moved to the Department of Social Services. Ageing and Aged care content on the Department of Health’s website will be progressively published to this website.

Aged Care Information

The Department of Social Services provides a range of useful information on contacts and services available to assist you with ageing and aged care issues.

For further information view Aged Care Information.

Electronic Advice to the Aged Care Industry

The Department of Social Services regularly communicates with aged care stakeholders via email or mailfax. These communications advise of important government announcements that affect the aged care sector. These communications are reproduced here as a service to interested members of the community.

For further information view Advice to the Aged Care Industry.

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Ageing and Aged Care Features

Let's talk about changes to aged care

“Let’s talk about changes to aged care…”

Changes to aged care start from 1 July and will give you more choice, more control, and more of the services you might need to help you stay in your own home for longer and remain independent.
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Ageing and Aged Care Latest News

Higher Accommodation Supplement

From 1 July 2014, the Government will increase its contribution towards the accommodation costs of eligible residents in residential aged care facilities that are new or have been significantly refurbished since 20 April 2012.
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