Targeted Community Care (Mental Health) Program - Mental Health Respite: Carer Support

Mental Health Respite: Carer Support (MHR:CS)

Applications for MHR:CS funding are now closed.

About this funding

The 2011–12 Budget allocated an additional $54.3 million over the five years from 2011–12 to 2015–16 for new or expanded Mental Health Respite: Carer Support (MHR:CS) services to assist carers of people with mental illness.  It is anticipated the rollout of new services will occur in February, June and August 2013.

This round of funding will assist up to an additional 1,000 carers and families of people with mental illness by providing greater access to a broad range of supports.

Successful service providers will be required to provide carer-centred, flexible and innovative carer support services to meet the needs of carers of people with mental illness, along with their families.  The providers would be expected to develop care plans in collaboration with carers, to provide a continuum of support for carers and their families, involving a range of assistance to suit their circumstances at different points in time.

  • How much?
    The Australian Government has committed $54.3 million over five years to 30 June 2016 to expand the MHR:CS initiative.
  • Apply when?
    Applications for new MHR:CS sites closed at 3:00pm (Eastern Daylight Time) on Thursday 20 December 2012. 

What is Mental Health Respite: Carer Support?

MHR:CS provides assistance for carers of people with mental illness to help them maintain their caring roles and improve their wellbeing.

In 2011–12 a total of 190 MHR:CS services funded for $50.3 million, assisted over 28,000 carers of people with mental illness in Australia.

New or expanded MHR:CS services will focus on improving access to a broader range of carer support options that account for the episodic nature of mental illness and the need for carer support services that respond to changing circumstances.  New services will be expected to deliver a range of services that can include providing breaks for carers from their caring roles, social and recreational activities, counselling, education, advocacy and referral, and education for families and the community about mental illness and its impacts.

Program Guidelines

These guidelines provide the framework for the implementation and administration of the Targeted Community Care (Mental Health) Program. They provide the key starting point for parties considering whether to participate in the Program and form the basis for the business relationship between FaHCSIA and the funding recipient.The Program Guidelines comprise the following documents: 

  • Part A: Targeted Community Care (Mental Health) Program Guidelines which provide an overview of the Targeted Community Care (Mental Health) Program and the Activities relating to the program.
  • Part B: Information for Applicants which provides information on the Application, Assessment, Eligibility, Selection and Complaints Processes; and Financial and Funding Agreement arrangements. 
  • Part C2: Application Information for the Mental Health Respite: Carer Support Activity ‐ which provides specific information on the Activity, Selection Processes, Performance Management and Reporting.
Content Updated: 26 September 2013