Programme Reporting

DSS Data Exchange - A New Approach to Programme Reporting

As part of a new way of working, the Department is implementing improved programme performance reporting processes in grant agreements.  DSS will progressively introduce standardised, prioritised, and collaborative reporting processes across many of our grants programmes from 1 July 2014 to 1 July 2015.

What does this mean for Service Providers?

Service Providers will be able to focus on front line service delivery to achieve better outcomes for individuals, families and communities.

Reporting requirements will be simplified and we will work together to shift the focus of performance measurement from outputs to more meaningful information about service delivery outcomes.  Specifically there will be:

  • Significantly fewer data items reported;
  • Streamlined reporting arrangements;
  • A simple and easy to use IT tool (the DSS Data Exchange) that allows for system to system transfers, bulk uploads or a free web-based portal which is now available;
  • Greater access to client outcome data; and
  • A Partnership Approach to reporting information about client outcomes.

Data requirements will be divided into two parts: a small set of priority requirements that all service providers must report, and a voluntary extended data set that providers can choose to share with the Department in return for relevant and meaningful reports, known as the partnership approach.  This will help build the evidence base regarding the effectiveness of DSS programmes and service delivery approaches. Participation in the partnership approach is entirely voluntary and there will be no negative consequences if a service provider chooses not to provide this extended data set.

Where can I get more information?

A number of fact sheets have been developed to provide more information on:

A brochure has also been developed that summarises the new way of working for grants programme reporting. Please direct any further enquiries to or phone 1800 020 283.

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