Financial Wellbeing & Capability – Cape York Welfare Reform

The Financial Wellbeing and Capability Activity (the Activity) is one of seven Activities under the Families and Communities Programme which aims to support families, improve children’s wellbeing and increase participation of vulnerable people in community life to enhance family and community functioning.

Through the Activity, the Australian Government, in partnership with civil society, provides support to vulnerable individuals, families and communities to improve their financial capability, resilience and lifetime wellbeing. The services included under the Activity provide crisis support, broad financial capability building services, financial counselling, and access to microfinance products.  Services are free, voluntary and confidential and are delivered by community and local government organisations.

This process is for the provision of Financial Capability services. Financial Capability services may help people to build longer-term capability to budget and manage their money better and make informed choices. Financial Capability workers deliver financial literacy education, information and coaching and maintain a strong focus on supporting consumers to change their behaviour and ‘learn by doing’.

This funding round is intended to support delivery of this service to the four Cape York Welfare Reform Trial locations of Aurukun, Coen, Mossman Gorge and Hopevale.

Want more information?

The Application Pack provides all the information needed to apply for DSS grant funding:

  • Funding Round Summary provides detailed information on the funding round.
  • Programme Guidelines Overview provides information about how grants are funded for this programme.
  • Streamlined Grant Agreement Template includes the general grant conditions that you would agree to if successful in receiving funding.

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