Assessment of applications

DSS is committed to the fair, equitable and transparent allocation of grant funding.  To ensure fairness and equity to all applicants, DSS is required to assess each application received as outlined in the Programme Guidelines Overview for each funding round. DSS employees and contractors (who are treated as agency staff) are required to abide by the Conflict of Interest Policy and the APS Values and Code of Conduct.

Meeting the selection criteria and submitting an application does not guarantee funding.

Generally, a decision made about funding in a DSS selection process is final. If an applicant is unsuccessful in obtaining funding through a DSS selection process, they have the following recourse:

  • Request formal feedback from the Department, whereby applicants are entitled to receive feedback about what they could have done better to get funding.
  • If unsatisfied with the feedback from the Department, applicants can lodge a formal complaint with the Department’s complaint handling team – a formal review will be undertaken.
  • If unsatisfied with the review decision, applicants can approach the Minister’s Office, noting the Minister will usually refer the matter back to the Department.
  • Finally, applicants may make a case to the Ombudsman, who will investigate the matter to determine if DSS has followed its prescribed procedures.

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