To apply for DSS grant funding all applicants need a registration number. This number is used to identify an organisation and reflects their relevant details through the application and assessment process. Only one registration number is required per legal entity.

Applicants are strongly encouraged to obtain a registraion number early in the application process. This will help to ensure that your registration is completed successfully and no delays are encountered in submitting an application. 

If you have recently held an agreement with the Department, you may have an existing registration number that can be reused to simplify the application process. Organisations that choose to reuse their registration number will only need to validate the existing information held by the Department or provide updated details where required.

Please note the information attached to your registration number forms the basis of your record with the Department. It is important your information is up-to-date so we can contact you about your application.

How to Apply for a New Registration Number

If you have Adobe Reader v8.1 or later you can apply for a new registration number by completing an electronic form. The latest version of Adobe Reader can be downloaded for free from Adobe Downloads.
In the form you will be required to:

  • Answer a series of questions about your organisation. The responses to these questions will determine if further information is required. You will be asked to provide high-level information about your financials and may be asked to provide further information in support of your registration.
  • Provide a brief overview of your organisation (max 1,000 characters).
  • Provide contact details.
  • Read and acknowledge the declaration before submitting the registration form.

Upon submission you will receive a successful submission receipt. This will appear as a separate document on your screen. It is recommended that this receipt either be saved or printed for your records as it will contain your new registration number.

Please use this number when:

  • completing a funding application form for DSS;
  • when providing any additional requested information; or
  • when making enquiries regarding your application.

There will be more opportunities to use your registration number it in the future as we continue to reduce red tape for grant recipients.

How to Use an Existing Registration Number

If your organisation has recently applied for funding, you will find your registration number in the confirmation e-mail sent to your organisation after submitting the registration form.  If you have recently held an agreement with the Department, or are unsure where to find your existing registration number, you can contact the Department on 1800 625 136 (select option two) or TTY 1800 555 677. The Department can help to retrieve your existing registration number.

Using an existing registration number does not provide a competitive advantage in any funding rounds.  Applications are assessed using a consistent process, regardless of whether you choose to use an existing or a new registration number.

Further Information

If you require assistance or support in using and/or submitting the registration form, please call 1800 625 136 (select option two) or TTY 1800 555 677. For more information on the registration process please see the Frequently Asked Questions page.

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