Applying for Grant Funding

The Department has a new way of applying for grants. Grants currently available for application can be found on the Funding Open for Application page.

General information on the application process provides useful information on applying for DSS grant funding.

Resources are also available to support you in preparing an application, including tips for applying and information on how to address the selection criteria.

It is the responsibility of organisations applying for DSS grant funding to keep informed of additional information released throughout the application period. Information released during the application period will supplement and support existing information and will not change the requirements outlined in application packs. Organisations intending to apply for DSS grants are encouraged to subscribe to receive alerts when new information is made available. The Department accepts no responsibility to inform applicants of any changes if they do not subscribe to receive alerts.

What do I need to do to apply?

  1. Review the Funding Open for Application page to see funding opportunities available.
  2. Review the relevant application information to determine which are appropriate for you. You might be interested in more than one funding opportunity.
  3. If you are applying for an open competitive selection process you need to register to apply and receive your registration number. You only need to do this once per organisation. This step does not apply to direct or restricted selection processes.
  4. Prepare your application for funding using the relevant application form(s), ensuring that you’ve completed all the steps.
  5. Check the website throughout the process for updated information.

Want more information?

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