Family Mental Health Support Services Questions and Answers Issue no. 1

Wednesday 27 February 2013


Q1.  Are Local Health Districts eligible to apply - or do you need to be a Non-Government Organisation?

A1.  Local Health Districts are eligible if they comply with Section 3.2 of Part C3 of the Program Guidelines that lists organisations eligible to apply for FMHSS funding.

Q2. Are Local Governments eligible to apply for funding for the New Family Mental Health Support Services program?

A2.  Yes as stated in Section 3.2 of Part C3 of the Program Guidelines, Local Governments are eligible to apply.

Coverage Areas

Q3.  Can you please clarify what communities are covered in the Hume Region in Victoria?

A3.  The coverage area of Hume covers the Local Government Area of Hume.  The following is a link to a map of the Hume LGA.

Other Issues

Q4.  Is the Department providing any establishment funds/grants to successful applicants for New FMHSS services?

A4.  Yes establishment funding will be provided. 

Q5.  Should I include my establishment costs in the budget in the application form?

A5. No, the budget should only include total annual expenses.

Q6.  Can a service applying for new FMHSS funding target a specific age group, not necessarily children, but aged 15 years and upwards?  

A6.  New FMHSS are intended to deliver support to children (0-12) and young people (aged 13-18) at risk of or affected by mental illness and their families.  A provider may propose focusing their service on a subset of this group based on analysis of the local service system but must remain open to accepting referrals for children and young people and their families across the whole age spectrum.

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