2010 DSS Graduate: Robert Brezniak

Robert Brezniak Qualifications: Bachelor of International Studies (Hon)

University: University of Sydney

Stream: Generalist

Why did you apply for the DSS graduate program?
DSS works in an area that makes a huge impact on the lives of many Australians, and I wanted to be part of that. Social policy is challenging, but very rewarding.

What were/are your key responsibilities?
My first rotation involved developing and delivering a program related to capacity building of staff who work with Indigenous Australians. The second rotation involved housing policy research and development. Day to day tasks included undertaking research, liaising with staff throughout the Department and in other departments, drafting ministerial briefs and minutes and monitoring relevant media.

Both rotations were valuable in terms of making a real impact in an area, and in personal development opportunities.

What opportunities were made available to you?
I met with the Minister, travelled interstate in each rotation, attended conferences and participated in relevant training.

What were your professional and personal highlights during the DSS Graduate program and how did you find the transition to Canberra?
Personal highlights included meeting many people with similar interests to me – a common interest in social policy is what brought us all to DSS. I have also really enjoyed getting to know Canberra––a fantastic city when you get to understand it.

Where are you working now?
I am working on Indigenous Constitutional Recognition, in a secretariat role.

Why would you recommend the DSS Graduate Program?
Because its great fun, you are well supported by a strong team in HR, and you work on matters that can make a big difference to the lives of Australians.

Content Updated: 2 December 2013