Consultation on FaHCSIA’s social policy research activities

The Department of Families, Housing, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs (FaHCSIA) is seeking suggestions from social policy research providers about how to strengthen our evidence base for policy development, program design and service delivery.

Suggestions from social policy research providers

We invite social policy research providers to submit suggestions about ways FaHCSIA can work more effectively with research institutions to:

  • benefit from high quality and policy relevant social research
  • foster cooperation in the identification of research needs and solutions
  • encourage enhanced understanding of policy development, program design, service delivery and FaHCSIA’s research needs
  • help build capacity to undertake research relevant to FaHCSIA.

This is not a request for funding proposals.

FaHCSIA’s commitment to social policy research

FaHCSIA invests in research activities to:

  • improve policy development
  • deepen our understanding of the social environment, and
  • improve our programs and services.

FaHCSIA takes a strategic approach to research and evaluation to ensure that findings are used to support sound decision-making, policy advice, program development, implementation and performance improvement. FaHCSIA staff participate in seminars and guest lectures and targeted research and evaluation training.

We currently use a variety of methods to ensure the Department receives a range of products that represent value for money, are of high quality, timely and provide flexibility to respond to the Department’s ongoing and emerging policy priorities. These methods include in-house research and analysis, bilateral agreements with university-based research centres, direct commissioning, and a range of Commonwealth–State/Territory agreements that include research components.

FaHCSIA also maintains modelling capability and invests in data and large longitudinal data collections. FaHCSIA’s investment in these collections is a significant public contribution to future social policy development across Australia.

FaHCSIA supports the dissemination of research through a publications program which ensures that relevant information is available to FaHCSIA staff and the broader community, including academics and other government agencies.


Submissions should be no more than two pages, addressed to the Branch Manager, Research and Analysis, and emailed to: by 21 January 2011.

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