Certification Statement: Promoting Respectful Relationships (“The Line”) campaign – translated radio advertisements and vignettes for Indigenous audiences

I certify that the translated radio advertisements and scripted vignettes, as part of thePromoting Respectful Relationships (“The Line”) campaign for Indigenous audiences comply with the Guidelines on Information and Advertising Campaigns by Australian Government Departments and Agencies.

This certification takes in to consideration the Report of the Independent Communications Committee dated 19 April 2011, which indicates The Line campaign, in their view, complies with Principles 1 to 4 of the Guidelines.

My certification has also been informed by advice and evidence of compliance with the Guidelines provided by officers within the Department of Families, Housing, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs with responsibility for the design, development and implementation of The Line campaign.

I certify compliance with relevant legal and procurement matters relating to the presentation and delivery of the campaign. All relevant procurement policies and procedures have been documented.

Finn Pratt

May 2011 

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